Thanks for your interest in a modeling photo-shoot. We appreciate this opportunity to work together and will make every possible effort to ensure you have a great experience and that your photos look amazing.

When are Photo-Shoots Scheduled? 

Photo-shoots are scheduled by appointment only.

What is the price of a basic modeling photo session?

Sessions start at $375, occasionally and when it is of mutual benefit I may offer a discount with a signed release.  We request a non-refundable deposit of 50% to be paid either in cash or credit cards via Paypal prior to the date of the shoot. The deposit is part of the shoot cost. If you do not show up or cancel with less than 24 hours to your shoot the deposit is forfeited. 

You will have up to 12 months from the date of payment to schedule your session, after 12 months we will credit what you paid to any of our packages.

This reduced fee has the intention of 1) allowing you to get our services at a discounted rate 2) enable us to keep our portfolio fresh and most importantly reach your social network with our images. I will ask to be added to your friends so I can post and tag photos here on FB. Failure to cooperate with this requirement will decrease my motivation to work with you in the future.

This pricing information is subject to change without notice.

Legal Stuff

A model release document will be provided and will require your signature, this document allows us to use the photos in any of our promotional, sales and marketing efforts.

I will need to see ID . If you are a minor I will need a signed Parental Release form, your parents are welcome to be in the studio during the shoot but not required. Additionally we will not produce any content that may be questionable with under age models regardless of parental consent.


We own the copyrights on all our work. There is no compensation for photos or shoots unless specified in writing.

What you get

You will get your own gallery on our website hosted for a year, a password for downloading the full resolution files and a license to use the files print/post or otherwise.

We do not promise a specific number of photos, this will depend on various things such as # of outfits, your posing skills, etc. We take saveral hundred shots in a typical shoot, on average you can expect 10% to be selected. All the work we deliver will be 100% edited for optimal presentation.

I reserve the right to select the images, only those images that pass my quality standards will be edited and released.

What about Prints ?

You can order prints directly from our website at very competitive prices, delivery is super fast and the quality of the product is much superior.

Alternatively your model release document also authorizes you to make prints at any lab of your choice.

How long does it take to do the photo session?

Our shoots typically run for about 2 hours. This will depend in your level of  posing skills, number of outfits, hair and makeup requirements.

How should I prepare for the shoot?

  • Rest , hydrate and have a light meal before.
  • Details, Details Details
  • Please pay attention to details, remove any unwanted facial or body hair, have your nails clean, use either clear or neutral polish or a color that matches your outfits. Mani/Pedi cure is also recommended. In short the more you prepare the better. 

What should I bring in terms of clothing/outfits? 

  • For our first shoot we ask that you bring at least 3 outfits for example a jeans look, a mini-dress, shorts, bikini , lingerie, etc. you may also bring any special costume, outfit you have chosen for the shoot.
  • If you have a specific look in mind i.e. retro-pinup etc. have your outfits or costumes with you.
  • Also bring shoes, boots, heels in several colors black, white, red. Jewelry and other  accessories as you see fit.
  • You may also want to bring wigs, hair extensions and other items to change your look.
  • The more options the better, we don’t mind that you bring your whole closet.

I have never done modeling before what can I do to learn?

For inspiration look on magazines and websites such as Glamour, Vogue, 17, etc. even the ads on those magazines have great material for posing ideas. Notice the position of the arms , legs, feet and hands. Also look for images on the internet that could help you get inspired and proficient in posing. But more than anything practice the posing in front of a mirror.

We will also help you with posing.

What type of shoots do you do ?

I want to emphasize that we will only do the type of shots you feel comfortable with.

We specialize in glamour, pinup and fashion and even fine art nudes but our work need not to be racy or revealing. We could just as well do cute , fun shots.

If you have any ideas or a particular look you want to shoot feel free to share it with me as I love to work on your ideas.

If you have any reservations on the shots we plan to do then do not do them. There is no point in having shots done and processed to later keep them hidden.  Always communicate before, during and after.

Can I bring someone with me to the shoot?

You are welcome to bring someone to our shoot to make you feel comfortable and safe as long as they dont distract you or interrupt.


Where is your studio located?

Curently we book sessions at several locations

Mill Street Studios - Mt. Holly, NJ

Highstreet Studio - Pottstown, PA

Iron Ore Studios - Lebanon, PA

Stace Bernard Studio - Elkton, MD

FD Photo Studios - Brooklyn NY

Outdoor sessions and may other locations.

We are only here by appointment.



I ask that you provide me with your cell phone number so we can communicate better.

I need to get either a phone call or an email from you the night before our shoot to confirm everything is a GO, otherwise I will have to cancel the shoot.

Also please contact me before heading out to the studio.

I hope this brief information helps and feel free to call or text me at 215-720-1575 for any concerns, looking forward to scheduling your shoot very soon.


Best Regards

Juan C. Irizarry