Help us help you and others

You can help fund our project ;

Among our expenses and operating costs are:

  • Photography gear ( cameras, lenses, speedlights, batteries, etc.)
  • Computer hardware
  • Disk storage and backup systems
  • Software costs for post-processing on images
  • Website hosting fees , domain name registration fees
  • Business cards , promotional prints
  • Vehicle maintenance and gas expenses
  • Parking fees
  • Studio rental fees

The Philadelphia Dance Photo Project  is a special initiative, essentially it enables us to work with certain artists without having money be an impediment. This does not mean we do not need money, we do and probably just as bad or more as you. As such we request and encourage you to help keep it funded and operational by contributing to it. We reserve the right to choose which dancers and photo-shoots will be covered under this arrangement. Under normal circumstances a session costs $250.00.

Our suggestion for donations is as follows;

A  donation of $100.00 per session per dancer is suggested. We do not have any public grants or benefactors other than your contributions . Your help is very appreciated.