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Fortin San Juan de la Cruz 2

Fortin San Juan de la Cruz 2

Fortín San Juan de la Cruz (Fort Saint John of the Cross), better knownas el Cañuelo, is located on Isla de Cabras, Puerto Rico. It is part ofSan Juan National Historic Site.

This fort was originally builtin wood in 1610. Due to its location at the entrance of the San Juanbay, and in front of the Fort San Felipe del Morro, across the bay, itprovided a strategic point to create a crossfire for any invading shipsentering the bay, filling a gap in the artillery coverage. It is saidthat, at one time, there was a huge chain crossing from El Morro to ElCañuelo that was stretched during attacks to provide a physicalbarricade across the bay entrance.

The fort also guarded themouth of the Bayamón River on the other side. The fort played animportant role during a Dutch attack to the island. At that time it wasburnt to ashes. However, the Spaniards rebuilt it in the 1670s.

Thesquare fort is about 80 feet (24 m) per side, with one guerite (garitain Spanish). Originally built on a rocky islet, nearby Isla de Cabras(Goat Island) was artificially expanded to incorporate it.