Currituck Lighthouse II

Currituck Lighthouse II

On December 1, 1875 the beacon of the Currituck Beach Light filled theremaining "dark spot" on the North Carolina coast between Cape HenryLight to the north and Bodie Island to the south. To distinguish theCurrituck Beach Lighthouse from other regional lighthouses, itsexterior was left unpainted and gives today's visitor a sense of themultitude of bricks used to form the structure. The lighthouse wasautomated in 1939 when the United States Coast Guard assumed the dutiesof the Bureau of Lighthouses.

The Outer Banks Conservationists(OBC) performed much of the reconstruction and refurbishing work since1980 through private funding and volunteer work. Since 1991 visitorshave been allowed to climb the original 214 steps to the outdoorgallery. Access to the lens room is not permitted as the first orderlens is not only the original lens, but it is still a functioning one.The light comes on every night and shines from 158 feet at 20-secondintervals to warn ships hugging the chain of barrier islands along thecoast.

Location: Corolla, North Carolina
WGS-84 (GPS) 36.376667° N -75.830833° E [link]
Year first lit: 1875
Automated: 1939
Construction: brick
Tower shape: Conical tower
Height: 158 ft
Original lens: First-order Fresnel lens
Characteristic: 20-second flash cycle (on for 3 seconds, off for 17 seconds)